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Praise from GCE Families!

“I just wanted to share that I had a great talk with my son last night about his classes. He is loving them! He loves the book he is reading in economics, he was talking about lost opportunity costs, his experience thus far creating businesses and his desire to change his behavior going forward, the case studies in Freakonomics and why they were so interesting and so real. He is loving the class! He also talked about how much he is liking discussing politics in the humanities class, thinking about the different ways societies are organized, about what is best, about how things pop up in different cultures and places simultaneously when there was no communication between them. Lastly he talked about enjoying the homework, that he felt he was learning and that the topics were interesting and important (he may not admit this so don’t tell). Just want to thank you for energizing him around learning and helping him to start the year off engaged and strong!” — GCE Parent

“Hi Eric, This email isn’t really very important but I felt obliged to quickly say thanks again for all of the teachers. It’s really like a home for me and I don’t know where I’d be without the school.” — GCE Student

“We can’t thank you enough for the superb education [our daughter] got last year through the creative, challenging and nurturing work of the GCE faculty and staff.” – GCE Parent

“One thing I’m really pleased with in Will being at GCE is that he seems to be thinking more broadly about his interests, and he seems to feel more empowered and capable to pursue them. Before, he clung to his art talent and I think he saw that as his only viable path and it was pretty anxiety-provoking to him since he knows that is a hard path to follow. Since one of your goals is for your students to think broadly about their possible next steps, I wanted to share with you that I see that Will is doing that. ” — GCE Parent

“Eric, I have to tell you GCE today just blew me away. I am “gobsmacked” at what I experienced and I am SO glad I came. You have created a phenomenal program. The teachers, the students, the mix. I really feel [our son] has a “family”, I will sleep better tonight.   I will mention you in my Thanksgiving speech wherever I may be.  But EVERY day I am thankful that you saw my son, accepted him and gave him a place to grow. Words are not enough….” — GCE Parent

“I am grateful to you and GCE for giving Jake an amazing educational experience. The kind I did not believe existed anymore. I know that he is learning to think for himself, to see and create opportunities and to connect with the world around him. This can only happen in a space full of loving and committed individuals all supporting his experience. I know that Jake will go into the world with the tools he needs to succeed on his terms. I could ask for nothing more.” — GCE Parent

“I just wanted to share a moment with you. I cannot emphasize how unbelievable this was for me. A few days ago, very early in the morning, [J] was in the kitchen, tired out, before school. To comfort him I said, dont worry love,  school is almost out and he said to me, “but Mom I am going to miss it”. I nearly fell  through the floor…I just took him some milk in his room and said, “last day tomorrow ” and he said yeah, “I’m sad.”  Boy what  a difference GCE has made, Eric. I cannot express how grateful I am to you that he has found a place that he loves. Thank you for giving my boy a safe place where he can grow. My words are not enough… but I just wanted you to know what a difference you have made in our lives.” – GCE Parent

“We want to thank you and your staff for inviting and embracing [our son] into your community.  We are pleased with his progress and look forward to his continued involvement at school.  A special thanks to you for creating this truly visionary school.” — GCE Parent

“I’m thankful to finally be in a place where I’m allowed to be independent and an individual, where I can have a voice…GCE is a place of possibilities. GCE is a place where I can succeed, where I can thrive, and I want to make sure that happens.  I want to go beyond what you guys simply ask of me, what is simply required because I know I am capable of this…” — GCE Student

“Your students were brilliant today, each in his/her own way. It is a tribute to the dedication of the GCE staff.” — GCE Parent on student presentations

“I believe GCE is at the leading edge of education. It offers [our child] a global, interactive learning experience. He is in an environment where he can learn how to learn and learn to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge.” — GCE Parent

“I didn’t get a chance to see you before I left today but I wanted to thank you for letting me sit in on Carlos and James’ classes today. The classes were really awesome, unlike anything I experienced in high school. I am so excited about this opportunity, as there is so much I can learn from them! So, thank you!”

“Please convey to GCE’s community that I found them to be welcoming and quite transparent throughout my visit yesterday.  The unexpected for me was how the faculty and students have defined a school culture of their own for a school in its infancy stage.  GCE’s approach of implementing a curriculum embraced by such a diverse population of students from various ethnic groups and academic backgrounds is quite impressive.  It was quite evident and exciting to see that GCE is creating a new pedagogy that can be implemented in such diverse conditions.  I envy the student teachers doing their practicum and initial teaching at GCE because they are being trained for how we possibly need to develop curriculum for teaching students in urban schools.  Mil gracias Eric for a wonderful site visit and Bravo on this new adventure.” — GCE Partner

“Eric, your email response brought me to tears I confess. I’m so happy to have found all of you there and will do everything in my power to have [my daughter] continue [at GCE]. I so appreciate your willingness to work with her and I can’t agree more that she has huge potential that I refuse to see wasted.  It’s so great to have your support in what has been and very well may continue to be a trying time in our lives. It’s a great relief and help to me to know that school will not be an issue.  Please let Keziah know how much we appreciate her support as well.  Take care…” – GCE Parent

“I would like to thank you… We are having very enjoyable dinner conversations. [Our child] is quite apparently excited to be at GCE.  Last night, he greeted me as soon as I arrived home with exciting news- that he had a new job at GCE…You are a huge influence on our son.  This is good.” – GCE Parent

“It was really wonderful to meet with both of you this morning and learn more about your plans for next year.  It was also good to hear about the progress my daughter has made.  I cannot thank you enough for your support in every way…In the GCE environment, she was able to both catch up and improve her academic performance.” — GCE Parent

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